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February 5, 2015

This add/drop period has been particularly rough for me, as I've only been registered for one of four classes I'd wanted to take.

This means, until I get off wait-lists, I'm currently attending and doing homework for six and a half classes.

How this makes me feel:

Here are some tips for those navigating the add/drop game:

- Have back-up classes! Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
- Talk to the professors whose classes you are trying to take. You can explain your situation ("I need this class for my major," "I learned about the subject material over winter term and it changed my life!"), but don't be overly aggressive.
- If you're interested in a class, do the readings, show up, and participate in discussions to show you're committed. This will let your professors know you are taking them seriously.
- Don't take it personally if you don't make it into a class; chances are you'll have another opportunity to take it another time.
- Don't give up hope, and know that everything will be worked out in a week or so.

You got this.

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