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Christine Chang ’13

I'm Christine, a third year in the college. As you can see, I have as much trouble choosing one hometown as I do declaring a major. By design, my schedule is distributed evenly between the humanities and natural sciences, so each department gets its say, for now. Oberlin has been very accommodating; professors (and their exams) push me to be good at [insert course here] without forcing me to specialize quite yet. Procrastination pulls me back the other way.

Considering both of the ghastly greenhouse habitats in which I spent any extended period of my childhood, I find myself strangely enamored with Oberlin's mercurial weather, particularly the days of freezing rain and temperatures around 50 degrees or below. I enjoy random conversations with strangers and good friends, whether in ink or over dinner. Preexisting diagnoses of peculiarity include the fact that I'm partial to pieces set in minor key and that, when nearing deadlines, I develop an idiopathic allergy to sound waves, such as the strumming of the ukulele.

If you see me around on campus, say hi. Tell me a story, or recommend a good book to me. Hopefully, but not probably, I won't be running late to class, America Reads meetings, elective lectures, or a rendezvous with lab opossums. Incidentally, if I employ the word "like" as an interjection, feel free to make the buzzer sound from Taboo. I'm trying to break myself of the habit.

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April 10, 2011

There was an impressively multilingual pool of students, faculty, and visitors in King 106 last Thursday, for those who missed the amazing translation symposium. And if you did, come next year!



February 2, 2011

Looking back on a winter filled with books and histories, I think the award for creepiest anecdote goes to Charles de Lint, and his story of a creature who lived in refrigerators and sucked the yolk out of eggs. If the human in residence then refused to buy any more eggs, the creature would move out of the fridge and on to the vitreous fluid in said human's eyeballs. Good times.


Oh my god finals.

December 12, 2010

I come to a brief interlude in my studying frenzy to wish you all the best of luck on finals and winter term exploits. Study well, eat well, sleep well, and be merry. Or try.



December 6, 2010

For the past 14 hours, this post has consisted of: "Tumblr needs to load so I can access my post and actually post it. How long is this site maintenance going to go on?" and Ma'ayan's reply: "I don't know but Tumblr is part of my job so this is terrible :( <3M." But now there is actual content!



November 13, 2010

Why to pay attention to M.M. Bakhtin readings (turns out he has quite a following in several classes), and why to take Korean ExCo (for sheer awesomeness).


Those Industrious Chipmunks

November 4, 2010

Life after fall recess is that puzzling combination of stress and happiness at being stressed. I don't know how that's possible. Also: some unsolicited advice on why not to panic over course registration.


Transcripts & Quotes

October 29, 2010

It smells like baklava and/or cinnamon swirl glaze in my room which, although odd because there is no one in the kitchen to make either, reminds me of my pre-midterms diet and all the other things I miss about Oberlin.