• Voice applicants must submit a screening audition for review via the Audition and Screening Dropbox on your Applicant Portal.
  • Screening Recordings and Recorded Auditions must be audio/video recordings. Audio only recordings will not be accepted.
  • Screening deadline: December 4

Screening and Final Audition Requirements

  • Required: Two classical selections from the standard vocal repertoire: one 17th or 18th century Italian art song or aria, and one contrasting selection in another language
  • Optional but Recommended: An additional classical selection of contrasting style. This may be included with your screening submission. Depending on time available at the final audition, faculty may or may not ask for the third piece. Students who do not prepare a third piece will not be penalized.

Notes for Voice Applicants

  • Applicants wishing to audition for the Artist Diploma program MUST come to campus for their audition.
  • The repertoire on the screening need not be identical to that of the on campus, regional, or recorded video audition.
  • All works should be performed from memory.
  • Accompanists will be provided for on campus voice auditions. Applicants auditioning at a regional site must provide their own accompanists.

Auditions and Interviews Overview