If you are not a current Oberlin College student, please see the Undergraduate Applicants section.

Current Oberlin Arts and Sciences students must complete the steps below:

The Change of Status application process is currently under review. Please check back mid-September for updated information.

  1. Schedule an appointment with Catherine Sherman, Associate Dean for Advising and Retention, using the link on the Conservatory Student Academic Affairs webpage. You will discuss your plans involving the conservatory and review your current academic profile and progress.
  2. Following the meeting described above, complete and submit the Change of Status Application - due December 1. Applications will only be accepted after December 1 with approval of department.
    Note for TIMARA applicants: Change of status review in TIMARA often happens outside of the standard admissions timeline. Therefore, DO NOT complete the above form without consultation with Tom Lopez, Associate Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts.
  3. (Screened Areas) Students interested in applying and auditioning for a major in voice, piano, flute, violin, jazz studies, composition or TIMARA are required to submit a screening prior to being invited to audition for those departments. See the individual departments' audition pages for screening requirements.
    Note: Current Oberlin College students will not be able to use the Audition and Screening Dropbox referenced on our audition webpages. Instructions for submitting will be emailed once your application is submitted.
  4. (All Applicants) Perform an audition or submit a portfolio: Follow directions for auditioning. Note: part of the Change of Status Application will be scheduling your audition.
  5. (Optional) Meet with Beth Weiss, Associate Director of Conservatory Admissions, if you have any questions about the process or would like to discuss options regarding opportunities and change of status (beth.weiss@oberlin.edu or 440-775-8413).

A student will only be reviewed for admission after meeting with the Conservatory Associate Dean for Advising and Retention and completing an audition. Although letters of recommendation are not required, the entirety of a student's Oberlin transcript, their academic progress and standing, and performance on the audition will be reviewed when considering students for admission.


Musical Studies Major (formerly called the College Music Major): Arts and sciences students who are interested in declaring this major in the college should schedule an appointment to see either Associate Dean Catherine Sherman, 775-8200 or the Office of the Registrar, 775-8450.

Changing or adding a major: Conservatory students who wish to add a conservatory major or change a conservatory major need to meet with the conservatory associate dean.