All students will have the opportunity to apply for funding from the Office of Winter Term inside their application

A student practices aikido
Students learn basic aikido techniques in Hales Gymnasium. Photo credit: Marissa Camino

Since funding is limited, students should create a detailed budget of their expenses to determine if funding is needed.  Additional funds are available through various offices and academic departments on campus.

Any students who wish to request funding must submit their project proposals and funding applications by November 15th, 2019. 

This budget template can help you determine the costs of participating in an individual winter-term project.  Download the Excel spreadsheet and enter your program costs and external funding.  The spreadsheet will autocalculate your total project costs.

Individual project budget template 

Funding is most frequently used to cover airfare, housing costs, or meals.  It may be used to purchase materials or rent equipment for a project, but it cannot be used to purchase personal items or equipment to keep. 

For more information see the Office of the Controller's policies regarding Meals and Entertainment and Travel.

There are no additional fees for living on campus during winter term, but students must complete the Winter Term Housing Form.

More details about on-campus housing and the Housing Form link are available here: Winter Term Housing

For off-campus projects, Oberlin alumni sometimes host students over winter term.  Email to inquire about these opportunities.  The Career Development Center also has resources for identifying housing options.

On-Campus Winter Term Meal Plan

The Winter Term Meal Plan is available to all students living in Oberlin over winter term.  It offers 3 meals a day from January 3rd to January 31st for $300.

Financial assistance for the Winter Term Meal Plan is available through the Financial Aid Office for qualified students. Students seeking assistance with the meal plan must meet the following criteria:

  1. Request and complete the application and return it to the Office of Financial Aid no later than December 13, 2019.
  2. Be a dependent student who applies for need based financial aid, with a total parent contribution (as calculated by the Office of Financial Aid) of less than $3,000 or be an independent student who applies for need based financial aid, whose total contribution does not exceed $2,700.
  3. Register and successfully complete your Winter Term project.
  4. Enroll in the Winter Term Meal Plan.  Off-campus food expense will not be covered.  

Download the application below or pick up a copy in the Office of Winter Term or the Financial Aid Office, both located on the first floor of the Carnegie Building. Question should be directed to Financial Aid at or 440-775-8142.

Meal Plan Financial Aid Application