Winter Term

Information for Faculty and Staff Sponsors

The Office of Winter Term supports faculty and staff in creating exciting Winter Term opportunities. 

Faculty members and eligible Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) may sponsor projects. The basic duties of project sponsors are to provide guidance on project planning, support student learning, and submit a grade for each sponsored student. Full details on all aspects of group and individual project sponsorship can be found in the Winter Term Group Project Sponsor Handbooks

A&PS members who have not previously sponsored a project need to complete the A&PS Sponsorship Approval Form with their supervisor and submit it to the Registrar at


Winter Term 2024 Important Dates

April 3:  Project proposal and funding request forms available in Terra Dotta

April 13:  Info session for sponsors considering international projects (via zoom)

April 20:  Info session for new group project sponsors (via zoom

April 27 - May 25: Thursday drop-in info sessions for prospective sponsors, 12:30 - 1:15pm (via zoom

June 2:  Deadline for group project proposals and funding requests in Terra Dotta

June 23:  WT Office group project funding notification date

August 1: Deadline for international group project vendor agreement submissions

August 31: Winter Term 2024 Group Project catalog available

September 1:  Deadline for group project sponsors to register for the Winter Term Fair

September 12:  Winter Term Fair 7:00-8:30pm 

September 13:  Student registration opens

September 18  - November 13: Drop-in info sessions for individual project sponsors via zoom Mondays from 1:00-1:30pm   

November 17:  Student registration closes 

November 22:  Student funding notification date 

November 27:  Deadline for selective projects to submit participant lists 

January 3:  Winter Term begins 

January 30:  Winter Term Festival of Ideas

January 30:  Winter Term ends

February 6:  Deadline for students to submit project work to sponsors

February 13:   Grades due in Banner Self Service

February 23:  Deadline for funding recipients to submit receipts 

February 23:  Deadline for funding recipients to submit funding report

Faculty and A&PS who wish to lead group projects are responsible for:

  • Submitting project and funding proposals in late spring
  • Establishing and publicizing the project
  • Overseeing project finances
  • Supporting students in reaching clearly defined learning goals
  • Reporting each student’s grade [completed (Y) or not completed (N)] in Banner
  • Submitting receipts and final budget reconciliation to the Office of Winter Term, if the project received funding

Current group project sponsors with questions about navigating the application portal should contact for assistance.

Faculty and A&PS who agree to serve as individual project sponsors will:

  • Work with students to determine appropriate project scope, identify materials and resources necessary for completing the project, and clearly define learning goals
  • Provide students with guidance on project assessment and evaluation processes
  • Meet with students prior to submitting the online sponsorship approval form, which is sent automatically from the students’ completed applications. Should you receive a proposal from a student who has not previously contacted you, please redirect the student to the winter term office via email to
  • Report each student’s grade [completed (Y) or not completed (N)] in Banner

Current individual project sponsors with questions about navigating the application portal should contact for assistance.