Information for Faculty and Staff Sponsors

Every winter term project must have an on-campus sponsor.  For WT21, only 4th and 5th year students may complete independent projects.

Faculty members and Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) may sponsor projects. The basic duties of project sponsors are to provide guidance on project planning, support student learning, and submit a grade for each sponsored student.

A&PS members who have not previously sponsored a project need to complete the A&PS Sponsorship Approval Form with their supervisor and submit it to Jessica Lear in the Office of the Registrar.

Specific duties for sponsors who lead group projects and for sponsors of student-led independent projects are shown below.

Winter Term 2021 Updates

Dear Arts & Sciences Colleagues, 

As recommended by EPPC, Winter Term 2020-21 will be different from previous years in a number of ways. Because of the constraints of the pandemic and the 2020-21 three-term model, all projects for Arts & Sciences students will take place remotely in three distinct cohort-based periods.  Winter term opportunities for students are specifically designed for each class year to strengthen cohort ties, build relevant skills, and engage imaginations during periods when students are not in academic session.

Seniors will be invited to complete group or individual projects during the August winter term, from Aug. 3 - 25, 2020. Seniors who choose to complete individual projects are encouraged to utilize the new individual project toolkit and e-portfolio template, which are available here. Additional details about seniors' individual and group project offerings are available in the Winter Term 2020-21 Catalog

Other students will complete their winter term projects in the following ways: incoming first-year and transfer students' Critical Skills for New Obies orientation program will count as their winter term project; second-year students will have an opportunity to join a SOAR-based project in January; third-year students will have an opportunity to join the Junior Practicum in September. Students who are unable to join their cohort-based opportunity can petition the Office of the Registrar for an exception, which would allow them to complete their 2020-21 winter term project in a May 2021 group project if they are not enrolled in academic courses at that time. An expanded description of the cohort-based calendar is available here.

In the instance that you receive a request to sponsor an individual project from a student who is not a senior, please forward that request to the Office of Winter Term at

If you have any questions about winter term 2020-21, please let us know. 


Faculty and A&PS who wish to lead group projects are responsible for:

  • Submitting project and funding proposals in late spring
  • Establishing and publicizing the project
  • Overseeing project finances
  • Supporting students in reaching clearly defined learning goals
  • Submitting a report to the Winter Term Committee following project completion
  • Reporting each student’s grade [completed (Y) or not completed (N)] in Banner
  • Submitting receipts and final budget reconciliation to the Office of Winter Term, if your project received funding

Current group project sponsors with questions about navigating the application portal should contact for assistance.

For WT21, only 4th and 5th year students may complete independent projects.

Faculty and A&PS who agree to serve as individual project sponsors will:

  • Work with students to determine appropriate project scope, identify materials and resources necessary for completing the project, and clearly define learning goals
  • Provide students with guidance on project assessment and evaluation processes
  • Meet with students prior to submitting the online sponsorship approval form, which is sent automatically from the students’ completed applications. Should you receive a proposal from a student who has not previously contacted you, please redirect the student to the winter term office via email to
  • Report each student’s grade [completed (Y) or not completed (N)] in Banner

Current individual project sponsors with questions about navigating the application portal should contact for assistance.