To meet the needs of Oberlin College students, and to encourage students to safeguard their Banner Self Service username and password, Banner Web Proxy has been created.

Banner Web Proxy Login

Banner Web Proxy allows Oberlin College students to grant access to their Banner Self Service account. This is called granting “proxy access,” and the other person is referred to as the proxy. Access is granted using the proxy's email address. Only the student can authorize proxy access; Oberlin College staff/faculty cannot grant those rights. 

The student controls who they designate as a proxy and what items that person can access. When the student selects the pages for a proxy, they are authorizing them to access the web page. The student is able to modify proxy permissions at any time.

Banner Web Proxy users will receive an email notification every time a new statement is processed and available in Banner Self Service. Students will continue to receive email notifications as they have in the past.

Proxies will only be able to see the information to which they have been granted access. If the proxy has questions about the information they are able to view, they should speak to the student.

To ensure the appropriate disclosure of student account and financial aid information, consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Student Accounts Office will not disclose student account and financial aid information to anyone who is not designated as a Banner Web Proxy, including but not limited to parents, unless the FERPA Authorization to Release Billing Information Form  is completed in its entirety and returned to the Student Accounts office. The form must be completed in person in the Student Accounts Office or emailed from the student's Oberlin email address.

The Office of Student Accounts is paperless.  
Please make sure that Banner Web Proxy is granted to those needing access to statements.