Office of Student Accounts

Midterm Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the college or who take a medical leave once the semester has started, will be refunded tuition based on the following schedule from the start of classes.

Oberlin College Refund Schedule

  • During the first 2 weeks: 80% refund
  • During the 3rd week: 60% refund
  • During the 4th week: 40% refund
  • During the 5th week: 20% refund
  • After 5 weeks to the end of the semester: 0% refund.

Housing and food are refunded based on the housing and dining agreement. Other fees and charges are not refundable.

If you are a recipient of federal financial aid and withdraw from the College prior to completing 60% of the semester, federal regulations require the College to calculate how much aid you have earned. Any unearned federal and institutional financial aid will be charged back to your student account possibly creating a balance due to the College. For the complete description of the Federal and Institutional Financial Aid Refund policy refer to the College Federal and Institutional Financial Aid Refund Facts.