Office of Student Accounts

About the Term Bill

Fall semester is billed the first week of July and payment is due July 29.
Spring semester is billed the first week of December and payment is due December 22.


Statements are normally processed on the 1st business day each month and are available through the Student Account Center or Banner Self Service.  Statements will reflect tuition, housing, food, fees and any miscellaneous charges acquired throughout the year.

Students and Banner Web Proxy/Authorized Users are notified through their e-mail account when the statements are available.  Students are responsible for providing statement information to any third parties.

Past Due Accounts

If the account total is not paid in full by the due date or is not current on a payment plan, the account will be charged 1% interest on the unpaid balance.  This includes balances from incomplete financial aid, including loans.  All financial aid requirements should be met prior to July 1 for fall semester or December 1 for the spring semester. This includes all internal and external aid as well as student loans.

Those accounts that have a past due balance will be subject to a financial hold being placed onto the account.   An account with a financial hold may not have access to transcripts, diploma, registration or enrollment.

Students having any indebtedness after leaving Oberlin College will not have access to transcripts, diploma and may have their account turned over to a collection agency.

Students have the right to access their transcripts for employment purposes, regardless of whether they have outstanding institutional debts. Students who owe past due institutional debt should contact our office to work on a resolution that includes, but is not limited to, payment plan options.

Student Obligations

It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the necessary information is provided to whoever pays the monthly statement so that payment can be remitted on time.  Students are responsible for meeting their financial obligation to the college. Failure to do so may result in holds on registration and enrollment, denial of transcript requests and withholding of diplomas.

Financial Aid

One-half of merit scholarship awards, if any, will appear as a credit on the term bill. Except for campus employment, half of your need-based aid, if any, will appear on the fall term bill only if all required documentation is received in a timely manner to allow adequate processing time prior to the fall semester payment due date. Remember, you must inform the Office of Financial Aid if you wish to borrow any federal loan for which you are eligible. If the aid you anticipate receiving cannot be credited to your account by the payment due date because required documentation is missing or late, your account balance must be paid in full via some other resource to avoid being charged interest.

In-Semester Charges and Changes

Changes often occur mid-semester, e.g. students change housing assignments, meal plans and incur miscellaneous charges. Changes on your bill resulting from these items will be given one billing cycle to be paid in full before interest charges are assessed.

Scholarships and Loans

Scholarships and Loans are applied to the statement as received and appear under current payments. 

If you anticipate grants or scholarships from an organization (i.e. Employer benefits or local organizations) that need to be billed, please provide the necessary information to the Student Accounts Office. We will permit you to defer payment for that portion of the term bill.


The amount of tuition for the 2024/25 school year is $66,410 or $33,205 per semester. For schedules less than full time, a rate of $2,770 per credit hour is charged.  For schedules above the maximum, a rate of $1,630 per credit hour is charged. 

In the College of Arts and Sciences, the basic tuition charge includes schedules of 14 to 20 credits each semester. 

In the Conservatory of Music, the basic tuition charge includes schedules of 16 to 24 credits per semester. 

For Double-Degree students, the basic tuition charge includes schedules of 16 to 26 credits per semester.

For more detailed information, please see the catalog.

2024/25 Tuition and Fees

The College reserves the right to move to remote instruction as required for the health and safety of the community. Some or all instruction for all or part of the 2024-2025 academic year may be delivered remotely.  Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the Academic Year.