Office of the Registrar


If a student believes an exception to a deadline published in the academic calendar is necessary due to circumstances beyond their control, the student may request an academic deadline appeal. The student is required to meet with an assistant dean for student support to discuss their appeal and be provided with information on how to proceed with their request; an appeal form is to be completed, narrative, and supporting documents, if applicable. Academic deadline appeals are reviewed by a committee.

Students must make the academic deadline appeal request in person in the Academic Advising Resource Center/Office of the Registrar in Carnegie Building, room 113.

During the 2020-21 academic year, students may access the appeal form from the Office of the Registrar's downloadable forms page. Required signatures will be gathered electronically. Approvals via email are also acceptable. Email approvals must be attached to the same email string as the completed form and sent to The email must come from your Oberlin email address and will serve as your signature.

  1. Deadlines for registration-related activities are established by the college in accordance with faculty approved academic policy; deadlines for all course adjustments are publicized well in advance in the academic calendar. Under no circumstances will an appeal be accepted after two weeks past the deadline.
  2. If the appeal is approved, the student must obtain all required signatures and return to the registrar’s office within 5 working days. No appeal will be accepted after the 5 working days are expired.
  3. If the student wishes to drop a course (or reduce credit hours for a course) and that drop would result in the student’s registration of less than the required minimum of 3 and one-half courses/14 credits for arts and sciences students or 16 credits for conservatory/double-degree students, the registrar will refer the student to the appropriate office for consultation before granting the appeal.
  4. Winter-term registrations: the student may appeal the winter-term registration deadline; however, students are advised against appealing the winter-term deadline early in their academic career.
  5. No appeal will be accepted if the faculty member has already submitted a final grade for the student, if classes have ended for the semester, or if more than two weeks have passed since the deadline which is being appealed.
  6. Certain changes cannot be appealed after the deadline. Specifically, the option to change back to letter grades will not be accepted.