The Office of the Registrar administers the transfer of credit policy.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, Juniors will attend Oberlin in spring and summer; Sophomores will attend in fall and summer. In the semesters in which a student is not on campus, Winter Term opportunities will be offered. However, an exception will be made to allow Sophomores and Juniors to enroll in a course or courses at another institution while also taking part in a Winter Term project  (in the fall for Juniors and in the spring for Sophomores.) Any work taken at another institution must meet Oberlin College's rules for transfer of credit, including limits and type of work.  For more information, please see the transfer of credit guide below.

Information such as the type of work accepted for transfer to Oberlin, transfer of credit limitations, exclusions to transfer of credit, regulations for work done in music, foreign countries or non-degree granting institutions, requesting transfer of credit, evaluation of transfer credits, and more are included in the Guide to Transfer of Credit Policies and Procedures.

Courses that apply to requirements for the degree (e.g., Curriculum Exploration; Quantitative and Formal Reasoning; Writing; and Cultural Diversity) must be completed at Oberlin College.

Work transferred to Oberlin may be counted (within the transfer of credit limitations) toward the degree but will not count toward the above requirements.

A fee applies to the transfer of credit; see the Expenses section of the current academic year catalog.

Guide to Transfer of Credit Policies and Procedures

Transfer of Credit Request Form 

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