Office of the Registrar

Class Schedules

Class schedules provide a comprehensive list of courses offered at Oberlin for a particular semester. Students use the class schedule to help determine when and what classes to take.

January 2022 Remote-Accessible Courses

According to the academic calendar, winter break (Thursday, December 23 – Sunday, January 2) falls before the end of the fall semester. The semester concludes on January 24 after two full weeks of classes, reading period, and exams. Some Arts and Sciences courses will be remote-accessible for the last two weeks of classes (January 3 – January 15, 2022). January 2022 Remote-Accessible Arts and Sciences Courses. Please contact instructors directly with any questions. In the Conservatory, all instruction will remain in-person, with further information forthcoming for the Conservatory Dean’s Office.

Oberlin students, faculty, staff, and guests may search for current class schedules using either of the following two resources:

The following resources can be used to view past class schedules