Sophie Umazi Mvurya ’16

Social Mediation

December 9, 2014
Sky Kalfus
Sophie Umazi ‘16 is recognized by the BBC for her international peacekeeping campaign, #IAmKenyan, which has become the model for countries around the world.
artistic depiction of a worm hole

The Science Behind the Movie “Interstellar”

December 4, 2014
Ben Jones
If you’ve seen the film Interstellar, you may now find yourself with many new questions about the laws of the universe. Assistant Professor of Physics Rob Owen answered several of our questions about the accuracy of science in the film and entertained some of the more mind-bending physics questions we had after seeing the movie.
Dyeemah Simmons ’14

Travel, Art, and Education

November 19, 2014
Rosalind Black
Dyeemah Simmons ’14 takes her experience studying art and her love for education to Anatolia College in Greece to pass on her knowledge to the next generation of international scholars and artists.


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