Department of Human Resources

Student Employment Appreciation

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) designates one week each year for universities and colleges across the country to recognize the substantial contributions of students who work on campus. 

At Oberlin College, over one-third of our student population is employed during any regular academic year! Providing invaluable services and support with enthusiasm, dedication, and focus while developing their academic and professional skills.

The Student Employment Office has taken the initiative to take part in this national celebration, in a combined effort with all offices, departments and academic colleges at Oberlin College. We gladly will use this week to:

  • Enhance awareness of student employees/employment
  • Recognize and reward the vital work that student employees perform
  • Celebrate our student employees!

During this week we encourage you to purposefully celebrate your students! There are a variety of ways in which you can do this, please check out this list for some suggestions. Additionally, our office has created some standard "Thank You!" messages that can be shared via print or email!

Thank You!Thank You CardThank You CardThank You CardThank You Card

During our Student Employee Recognition Day, please use the certificates below to recognize your student's efforts! When you click on any of the certificates you will be able to edit any of the certificates to personalize (add name, change message, etc.), simply select "File" and "Make a Copy" to create your own personalized certificate.

Certificate of AchievementAppreciationRecognition