Office of Financial Aid

Loan Information for Oberlin Graduates

The typical Oberlin graduate incurs the following amount of loan debt

  Federal Stafford Loan Federal Perkins Loan
Amount Borrowed $19,237 $1,875
Standard Monthly Payment $205.68 $50

Oberlin College graduates who borrowed Federal Direct Stafford Loans should receive a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Disclosure Statement from their servicing agent, if applicable. This statement is an estimate of your Federal Direct Stafford Loan indebtedness and provides information about monthly payments. Questions about your Federal Direct Stafford Loan should be directed to your servicing agent.

Students that Graduated and have borrowed through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program should complete a Federal Stafford Loan Exit Counseling session.

For additional information on all of your federal loans, visit the Federal Student Aid website.  You may also visit your servicing agent for additional information.

If after using the resources above you still have questions about your loans, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance.