Center for Information Technology

New to Oberlin?

Welcome to Oberlin! There are a few steps you’ll need to go through to get access to all things technological on campus, beginning with activating your ObieID.

Activate Your ObieID Account

Your ObieID is your primary account at Oberlin. If you’re a student, your ObieID will be sent via email to the personal email address used on your admissions application after you have paid the deposit to Oberlin. If you’re an employee, your ObieID will be sent via email to the personal email address used on your job application after the Department of Human Resources has created your employee record, your ObieID will be sent via email to the personal email address used on your job application.

Activate your account as soon as possible so you can get access to all the technology services it unlocks.

Learn more about getting and activating your ObieID

Check Your Email

Undoubtedly, one of the first things you’ll want to do with your ObieID is use it to access your Oberlin email account. Start here to learn how to log in.

Learn more about logging in to email

Get a Computer

CIT provides faculty and staff with computers to facilitate their work and can make recommendations to students on which computers are best to bring to campus. We’ve also got information here on Internet of Things (IoT) devices you may be planning to bring with you, such as the Amazon Echo or Sonos speakers.

Learn more about college-issued and BYO devices at Oberlin

Connect to the Network

Check out how to connect to Wi-Fi, activate a network port in your room or office, and use VPN to secure your connection.

Learn about Wi-Fi, wired networks, and VPN

Get Software and System Access

CIT offers a range of software and enterprise systems to support teaching, learning, and administrative functions at Oberlin College. Software access is automatically applied to your account based on your role.

Learn what software and systems are available to you

Use Your Phone or Apple Watch for Door Access and Dining Plans

You can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone to access residence halls, dorm rooms, academic and administrative buildings; check out books in the library; and meal plans, flex points, or Obie Dollars at all Oberlin dining locations.

Set up your Mobile ObieID Card for iPhone, Android Phone, or Apple Watch

See Your Grades, Register for Classes, and Check Your Pay Stub

Want to access your grades, register for classes, or see such employee records as tax forms and pay stubs?

Learn how to use OberView and Banner Self Service to access student and employee records

Get Help

Even with all the best preparation, you may still run into trouble with your technology. Use the CIT Tech Support Portal to submit requests for help online and find both ‘‘how-to’’ and ‘‘fix-it’’ articles for common issues.

Get online help with computer problems