Academic Advising Resource Center

For Academic Advisors

The advising program at Oberlin College helps students develop meaningful educational plans and goals, make the most of their educational choices, reflect on and synthesize their Oberlin experiences, and grow intellectually, artistically, and personally. 

Goals of the Advising Program

The goals of the advising program are to help our students, in relationship with advisors, to: 

  • make curricular choices that optimize and individualize their Oberlin College experience
  • discover and develop their academic and personal strengths and recognize and respond to challenges and or limitations
  • navigate successfully the requirements, rules, regulations, and administrative structure of the college and of their degree programs
  • identify cocurricular and extracurricular activities that enhance academic pursuits and personal development
  • develop a system of values that include personal integrity, tolerance, social responsibility, and appreciation of diversity as central tenets
  • develop the capacity to respond with maturity, flexibility, and equanimity to academic and personal stress
  • make lifestyle choices to ensure short- and long-term health and wellness
  • develop self-confidence and independence, tempered by a willingness to seek help at appropriate times
  •  discover the wide variety of resources and support services provided by the college and use them to meet academic, professional, and personal goals
  • find appropriate support, assistance, and referrals at times of academic or personal crisis
  • become constructive, compassionate, and influential members of their local, national, and global communities
  • formulate, clarify, and actualize postgraduate goals, both professional and personal

Structure of the Advising Program

Advising at Oberlin College is holistic and provides a range of advising resources necessary for students to define and achieve educational, career, and personal goals. Educational (academic) advising is offered by faculty members and also by members of the administrative and professional staff.

Students receive career advising from faculty members, Career Development Center, and staff members in other offices. Personal advising is offered by many offices within Student Life, other campus offices, and faculty.