Oberlin College’s procurement office is part of the finance division and reports to the associate vice president for finance.

The Office of Procurement and Auxiliary Services includes:

The Procurement Office efficiently procures the materials and services needed by college departments and offices to support their programs and activities. In procuring highly technical or specialized equipment and supplies, we rely heavily on the judgment and expertise of the ordering department. However, orders must be placed through the Procurement Office to qualify for payment from college resources. We make general purchases on the basis of price, quality, reliability of the vendor, and delivery time.

Our major responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

For more information or concerns regarding these items, please call the office at (440) 775-8440.

If you have questions regarding environmentally friendly procurement, call the Office of Environmental Sustainability at (440) 775-6354.

Spring 1999 saw the announcement of an Anti-Sweatshop Purchasing Policy . Since that time, the college has established a Purchasing Committee. This committee is charged with ensuring the procurement of apparel that meets our sweatshop-free purchasing code. The Procurement Office in conjunction with the Purchasing Committee set in motion steps to establish an approved vendors list.

Please contact our office or the purchasing intern, pintern@oberlin.edu , for vendors who meet our Anti-Sweatshop Purchasing Policy. 

This list is a sample of the vendors you may wish to consider when purchasing supplies, equipment, and other material for your office or department. This list is not exhaustive. Review each carefully before making a decision.