Center for Information Technology

Email and Google Workspace

Oberlin uses Google Workspace to power its email and provide online tools and services like Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts.


Your primary Oberlin email address is To log in, go to and enter this address—don‘t forget the part—and your ObieID password.

Remember that you‘ll need to set a password of your choice before checking your email for the first time. Didn’t do that yet? Go to and follow the onscreen instructions to establish a password.

Firstname.Lastname Alias

In addition to your primary email address, CIT associates an email alias in the form with your account. You can configure Gmail to send and receive mail using this name-friendly format, but it will not work to log in. Visit the CIT Tech Support Portal for complete alias setup instructions.

Google Workspace for Education™

This suite of online tools and services includes Gmail, Calendar, and Drive—just to name a few. You have unlimited space for storing email and files.

To explore the whole suite of tools, click on the grid icon in the top right corner once logged in to your Oberlin email account.