Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

Conservatory Library

Conservatory Library

The music library is among the oldest and largest in any academic setting, with more than 345,000 items.

Conservatory Lounge

Conservatory Lounge

Known on campus as the con lounge, it serves as the social hub of Oberlin Conservatory.

Photo of Dascomb Hall

Dascomb Hall

As the First Year Experience hall for the center and south campus, Dascomb is home to nearly 170 students.

Photo of Daub House

Daub House

The Daub House was built in 1862 as a home for a Massachusetts-born shoemaker. Today, the Daub House houses the Bonner Center for Service and Learning.

Grand piano in the sunlit David H. Stull Recital Hall

David H. Stull Recital Hall

Stull Hall consists of a flexible 1,300-square-foot performance space that can accommodate roughly 120 guests.

david love lounge, science center

David Love Lounge

Located on the second floor overlooking the Science Center Commons, the David Love Lounge is a prime spot for studying, and social gatherings for students and faculty in the science division.


DeCafé and Market

Not your typical college deli, the DeCafé located in Wilder Hall features made-to-order salads, wraps and deli sandwiches, smoothies, and fair-trade coffee.