Locations & Facilities

Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

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Campus map

Burrell-King House

The Burrell-King House is the home of Oberlin Conservatory’s Community Music School.
Exterior image of Burrell-King House.

Burton Hall

With a capacity of approximately 185 students from all four years, Burton offers students the opportunity to meet a variety of people from many different backgrounds.
Exterior view of Burton Hall.

Campus Safety Facility (Dascomb)

Campus Safety supports a safe environment in which all members of the college community can learn, live, teach, and work. Open 24 hours a day, the staff responds immediately to potential criminal incidents, suspicious activity, requests for assistance, and emergency situations.
Reception area

Carnegie Building

Once Oberlin’s main library, Carnegie is now home to geology department classrooms, labs, and administrative offices.
Front facade of the Carnegie building

Carnegie Building (West Wing)

The Academic Advising Resource Center office is housed in the west wing of the Carnegie Building on North Professor Street.
entrance to a stone building by a brick sidewalk

Cell Culture Laboratories

Two labs are available for work in neuroscience and immunology. They have clean benches equipped with hoods to minimize the risk for contamination of cell lines.
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Chabad at Oberlin

A division of Lubavitch of Greater Cleveland, Chabad at Oberlin offers social, educational, recreational and religious programming for students and faculty.
Exterior view of the new Chabad house opened in 2020.

Charles Martin Hall House

Charles Martin Hall House was built in 1853. It is owned by the college and named for the alumnus who founded ALCOA.
Photo of Charles Martin Hall House

CIT Help Desk

From resetting a password to eradicating a malicious computer virus, our convenient computer help desk location in the main library in Mudd Center can help.