Dascomb Hall

front exterior Dascomb Hall with line of trees and grass in front.
Exterior of Dascomb Residence Hall.
Photo credit: Kevin Reeves

As the First Year Experience hall for the center and south campus, Dascomb is home to nearly 170 students. Seven resident assistants and one live-in professional staff member reside in Dascomb. The residence hall offers single and double occupancy.

Dascomb features theme-based areas that include the All-Female Wing and the World Cultures Wing. Each floor has a lounge, TV, and laundry facilities.

Programs here are geared toward understanding and mastering the transition into college. Social programs help students make connections and friends, while educational programs allow students to learn valuable concepts outside the classroom.

In an effort to centralize essential student services, Dascomb now houses Campus Safety, and the Student Health and Counseling Center. These offices are on the north side of Dascomb facing Wilder Bowl, the campus's main student thoroughfare.