Locations & Facilities

Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

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Campus map

Weight Room

Within the Jesse Philips Physical Education Center are studios for strength training, stretching, and free weights. The weight room includes weight trees, dumbbell racks for safety, and access to lower weighted dumbbells.
Weight Room in Philips

Weltzheimer/Johnson House

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1947, the Weltzheimer/Johnson House is the first Usonian house in Ohio.
Interior of the Weltzheimer/Johnson House

Wilder Bowl

Wilder Bowl is the heart of campus, a large, open grassy area dotted by trees, benches, and walkways.
Students relaxing in Wilder Bowl

Wilder Hall (Student Union)

Wilder Hall (Student Union) serves as a campus gathering place. The building has community meeting rooms, office space for student organizations, a student lounge, a performance venue, a cafe and market, and several administrative offices including the Office of the Dean of Students.
Wilder Hall (Student Union)

Williams Field House

Williams Field House is the college’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified building. While the field house is available for use by all varsity and club sports, the primary sports teams are baseball, softball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse.
Williams Field House

Women and Trans* Collective (Baldwin Cottage)

Baldwin Cottage is the home of the Women and Trans* Collective, a close-knit community that provides women and transgender persons with a safe space for discussion, communal living, and personal development.
Exterior view of Baldwin Cottage.

Wright Laboratory of Physics

Oberlin’s physics building is named for aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, whose younger sister, Katharine Wright Haskell, attended Oberlin and taught them about physics. The building is part of the Science Center complex.
Wright Physics Lab

Wright Lecture Hall

Wright Lecture Hall, also referred to as the physics auditorium, has a seating capacity for 90. It is on the second floor of the Science Center.
Photo of Wright Lecture Hall

Zechiel House

Zechiel House, also known as Latinx Heritage House, is a designated living and learning space that prioritizes the historical and contemporary experiences of Latinx/o/a people.
a two story brick residence hall named Zechiel House.