Facilities Operations, Procurement, and Auxiliary Services

Painting and Window/Glass Repair

The Painting Shop is a stand-alone unit of Facilities Operations. Primary functions of the shop include surface finishes, glass repair, wall coverings, signage and vandalism removal. Exterior and interior work for the campus creates an ever-changing need of skills, knowledge and technique.

As much as possible, the work produced by and from the Paint Shop is done in accord with the Greenguard Certification program, Greenguard.org . Similar to the UL Listing, this insures that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is being considered and respected by the materials that we use.

The Paint Shop incorporates ventilation and debris collection procedures in all of its activities. Extensive material testing helps to verify that all prudent measures are taken to safeguard our people, our properties and our natural resources. Each year, Oberlin College removes a significant amount of potential or harmful containments from surfaces and structures.

Low and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints are exclusively used by Oberlin College and its contractors. Sound and secure debris and waste disposal methods actively illustrate the efforts.

Contractors wishing to do business with Oberlin College must provide documentation confirming safety and environmental certifications.

As with our in-house staff, we require each work site to be returned to a condition better than we found it.