Community Music School

Electronic Music

Electronic Music 

The Community Music School is excited to announce the continuation of our collaboration with TIMARA (Technology in Music and Related Arts) in the Oberlin Conservatory.

Does your son or daughter spend hours listening to music on headphones? Would you like them to learn how to create their own sound world and music with computers?

Individual private lessons will be taught by Oberlin Conservatory TIMARA majors supervised by TIMARA faculty and will be focused on teaching middle school (late elementary through high school), students. Lessons will last 30 mintues.

Through hands-on, interactive projects and collaborative creative work, the courses will teach each student the tools needed to empower them to express their creativity through sound. Throughout the course, technical and creative topics will be explored in equal measure: as they learn how a microphone works, students will have the opportunity to build their own simple microphones in less than 5-minutes;  as they use everyday objects to create a symphony of sounds, students will push the boundaries of their sonic imaginations. 

Students will be guided through the process—from start to finish—of creating sound art and composing electronic music to share at the end of the 10-week class.


Includes: Twelve 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions

Instructor:  Brock Bierly

Dates: TBD between faculty member & student at a time that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

  • Fall 2023: TBD
  • Spring 2024: TBD

Time:  TBD

Location: Oberlin Conservatory, TIMARA Lab - 77 W. College St., Oberlin

Tuition: $180 per semester/12, 30-minute sessions
                  $270 per semester/12, 45-minute sessions
                  $360 per semester/12, 60-minute sessions

Enrollment: No previous experience/musical knowledge or special equipment is required.