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 Our experience at the Oberlin Community Music School has been amazing for our daughter! Practicing has not always been easy, but when we gave her the option to give up the violin, she was adamant about continuing her music lessons.  Her not wanting to quit spoke volumes to us about the school, her musician friends, and her love for her teachers. Practice parties and other social events have fostered a real sense of community in the school. —CMS parent

The mission of Oberlin Community Music School (CMS) is to provide music instruction for all students, regardless of musical and socioeconomic background. We offer private lessons, chamber music coaching, and a variety of classes. CMS strives to keep its tuition low and provide scholarship money that will enable any local child or adult to obtain a top quality music education.

Our generous financial aid policy grants up to 85 percent of tuition to all qualified students. With the rapid growth of our school, there is increased need to augment scholarship funds and build our infrastructure. At the moment, the demand for scholarships is outstripping our very limited resources.

Since 2005, the enrollment of our school has quadrupled, representing an annual growth rate of 17 percent. This is largely due to our wonderfully dedicated teachers who are all professional musicians, seasoned performers and graduates of America's finest music schools.

If you are interested in supporting the great Oberlin tradition of providing incredible music instruction, please consider making a donation to the Oberlin Community Music School. We hope you will join with us in establishing a culture of giving so that our school will have the means to support growth and perpetuate excellence, while remaining accessible to all.

Your generosity will make a big difference for our community! Every donation of any amount will make a difference and we thank you in advance for your support!

Please designate donations to the Community Music School.