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Sophia Chen ’12

I'm Sophia, a senior physics major from Athens, Ohio, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where hippies and coal miners live in conjunction. Athens is home to Ohio University, so I'm no stranger to the liberal bubble college town.

I came to Oberlin because I was too many types of nerd — I was curious about the sciences, humanities, and the arts — and I didn't want to give up any of them. I arrived at Oberlin geared toward the creative writing major, but I found myself choosing physics and math classes over humanities classes. In addition to the problem sets, labs, and lectures, I am currently conducting an honors project in atomic spectroscopy with Professor Jason Stalnaker, and I did astrophysics research on-and-off for three years with Professor Chris Martin, who studies the formation of stars at the center of the Milky Way.

I’m also a veteran of many student groups on campus. For all four years at Oberlin, I've been an active member of the Chinese Student Association (CSA), of which I was the co-chair two years ago. I wrote for the Oberlin Review for two semesters as a columnist, reporter, and section editor. As a pianist here, I've also taken both classical and jazz secondary lessons, and I've been known to do Bob Dylan piano covers in Warner Concert Hall. I’m also currently taking jazz guitar lessons for the first time. My newest venture is a cover band with my housemate, Chloë, called the Clever Brothers, and we play the guitar and sometimes the cello and sometimes the spoons while one of us sings in the style of Creed. We’re a party band whom no one has ever asked to play at a party.

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June 1, 2012

We're gonna can the emotions in this one and just tell some Oberlin stories. Thanks for reading.



October 30, 2011

This year, I didn't get into a co-op. Where was I going to get my weekly serving of granola? How could I say goodbye to the cinder block-sized bricks of cheese that arrived every Wednesday? Was I going to waste away trying to cook all my meals for myself?


Pleased to meet me

October 16, 2011

Yeah, that title is a Replacements album. I thought it would make a great title for this post, which is a more detailed, list-y description of myself.


My last first semester

October 6, 2011

Why do I feel like a crazy person? I am a senior now. Oberlin, even with the all-nighters, the snowy Aprils, the death icicles looming on my roof, mouthfuls of saltless co-op lentils, has been nurturing me this whole time with arms wide open. Oberlin and I have been spooning for three and a half years, and I'm about to be kicked out of bed into a pair of knobbly hobbit-shoes.


Undergraduate Research in Science

March 25, 2011

Here's my attempt at making an FAQ about undergraduate research. Doing research as an undergraduate has been a big part of my education at Oberlin. I've never been completely sure if I want to pursue science as a career, so doing research has made the idea of a "career in science" less of an abstraction, and I know more about what I like and don't like about the scientific process.


A Robo-pansy's Winter Term Project

January 19, 2011

I'm on campus working on making pedagogical-but-not-pedantic, extremely low-budget videos on various physics demonstrations with physics professor Aaron Santos. It bridges the gap nicely between humanities and science.