The Writing Associates Program

Students interested in becoming a Writing Associate must take the RHET401/ENGL399 course, Teaching and Tutoring Writing Across the Disciplines.

This course introduces students to theories and pedagogies of writing and speaking, collaborative learning, principles of universal design, disciplinary writing, and the politics of writing and speaking in the realm of education. The class is open to sophomores, juniors, and first-semester seniors from any major, and we encourage students who are empathetic and personable communicators to apply.

Writing Associates are intellectually curious, thrive in collaborative and conversational environments, and enjoy working with their peers and reflecting on their own writing. Writing Associates are also committed to actively engaging and participating in conversations about writing and speaking center theory and practice.

As a Writing Associate you will engage in a variety of writing- and speaking-related activities that may include but are not limited to:

  • Working five to six paid hours in the Writing Center each week beginning the semester you are enrolled in RHET401.
  • Conducting one-on-one sessions in the Writing Center.
  • Partnering with a course as a Course Writing Associate to work in a discipline-specific setting.
  • Participating in professional development workshops.
  • Engaging in an on-going writing partnership with a student for a semester.
  • Developing and leading workshops on speaking, writing, presenting, and communication.

Teaching and Tutoring Writing Across the Disciplines is an application-based course taught by Professor Laurie McMillin. Applications are due in November for the spring semester, and in April for the fall semester.

To apply to RHET 401/ENGL 399 and the Writing Associates Program for spring 2020, please fill out the application linked below and return it to Professor McMillin before November 11, 2019.


Questions? Contact:

Laurie McMillin, Writing Associates program director
Peri Leavitt, Writing Associate Fellow