Writing Associates Program and the Writing Center

The Oberlin College Writing Associates Program offers a dynamic space for students to think critically, be creative, and collaborate with their peers.

Writing Associates come from many majors and are eager to listen and help writers reach their goals, whether they connect through the Writing Center or through a class with a designated Course Writing Associate.

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WCOnline Scheduling Platform

The Writing Center is using a new scheduling platform called WCOnline

In order to use it, please register for an account here

  1. Students can make appointments with Writing Associates, Course Writing Associates, and Speaking Associates through WCOnline. 
  2. It will also be used to check in at the Writing Center for drop-in hours. 

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Leo Ross!


The Writing Center provides free drop-in writing consultation and appointments for students working on academic assignments for any class and on any topic. The center is staffed by student Writing Associates and welcomes all writers to one-on-one writing sessions throughout the semester.

Writing Associates can assist students at any stage in the writing process! 

Beginning Stage

  1. Clarifying prompts and assignments
  2. Brainstorming ideas and topics
  3. Developing research strategies

Drafting and Revising Stage

  1. Paragraph organization
  2. Idea and argument coherence

End Stage

  1. Sentence-level corrections
  2. Support with flow and clarity
  3. Citations

The Writing Center will remain open through the last day of reading period. The Writing Center is closed during fall break, spring break, Thanksgiving break, exam periods, winter term, and summer.

The Speaking Center was launched in 2016 with the goal of supporting students in their speaking endeavors and instilling a sense of confidence in their ability to communicate. We want students to become more conscious and conscientious speakers. We seek to accomplish this through sparking a critical dialogue on campus that further develops student understanding of audience, purpose, and context, as it applies to both the academic and professional conversation.

To that end, we offer one-on-one Speaking Center sessions, where students are able to work with a trained peer speaking associate on all parts of the presentation process.

In addition, we offer a range of workshops throughout the year on speaking in both academic and professional settings, such as conference presentations or job interviews. If you are interested in this, send email to Cortney Smith, csmith5@oberlin.edu for more details.

Benefits of Working with an Associate

We like to think of our associates as ‘informed outsiders.’ They’re able to ask probing questions and get students to think about the style of the genre that they’re writing in.

Frances Purcell ’18 , Writing Associate Fellow

Students who participate as Writing or Speaking Associates through the Podis Writing Pedagogy Fellowship state that the experience is rewarding and empowering for both themselves and the students they work with. Many WAs have used their experience in writing pedagogy to jumpstart their endeavors post-Oberlin.

Writing Associates Program News