Online Resources for Writing and Speaking

The Writing Associates Program recommends these online resources.

For help with citation, you can’t do better than OC’s library’s links. See “Citation Help.”

The Purdue OWL offers a wealth of resources, from mechanics to academic discourse. Make it your first stop for many questions! Click on the links below for more great links—the descriptions should help you find what you need.

For help with editing and proofreading, Oberlin students have free access to Grammarly Premium. If you are interested in getting Grammarly Premium, fill out this form. Email with any questions.

Applying for a job or internship? Connect with OC’s resources on cover letters, résumés, and application.

For students, professors, and Writing Associates who want to learn more about White Language Supremacy, check out our White Language Supremacy Resource Guide.

Look below for other Writing and Speaking Resources, organized by topic.

And here are some resources For Writing/Speaking Associates.