The Writing Associates Program and Speaking Associates Program offers a dynamic space for students to think critically, be creative, and collaborate with their peers. The associates are trained student workers who assist their peers at any stage in their writing or speaking project.

Meet Oberlin’s Writing Associates

Browse the bios about all of the Writing Associates. Learn a little more about them and what they enjoy doing at Oberlin outside of their classes.

Writing Center Writing Associates

Browse the bios about the Writing Center Writing Associates (WCWAs). Many are new to the Writing Associates Program, and are excited to be working with students in the Writing Center. Students can drop in with any piece of writing, from any discipline, at any stage in the writing process.

Course Writing Associates

Some Writing Associates are assigned to Writing Intensive courses in order to help students negotiate the learning of writing alongside the learning of course content. Trained in writing pedagogy and equipped with knowledge of the specific course’s content and assignment goals, Course Writing Associates are able to offer their students specialized guidance and serve as an accessible peer-resource throughout the semester.