The Speaking Center

The Oberlin College Writing and Speaking Associates Program offers a dynamic space for students to think critically, be creative, and collaborate with their peers.

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The Speaking Center is closed through the summer, but students are welcome to bring speaking assignments to the Writing Center as Writing Associates are trained to help with both writing and speaking. See the full summer Writing Center schedule here.

The Speaking Center is a pilot program launched in 2016 with the goal to support students in their speaking endeavors and instill a sense of confidence in their ability to communicate. We want students to become more conscious and conscientious speakers. We seek to accomplish this through sparking a critical dialogue on campus that further develops student understanding of audience, purpose, and context, as it applies to both the academic and professional conversation.

To that end, we offer one-on-one Speaking Center sessions, where students are able to work with a trained peer speaking associate on all parts of the presentation process.

In addition, we offer a range of workshops throughout the year on speaking in both academic and professional settings, such as conference presentations or job interviews. If you are interested in this, send email to Cortney Smith,, for more details.


The Speaking Center is closed through the summer, but will reopen in the fall!


The Speaking Center is located in the back right corner of first floor Terrell Library, in the same space as the Writing Center.

Meet the Speaking Associates!

Speaking Associates facilitate speaking workshops for various classes and hold appointments in the Speaking Center. To schedule a meeting with a Speaking Associate, visit our calendar



Cortney Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor
Sarah Dalgleish, Writing Associate Program Fellow