Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

By providing a space dedicated to developing writing through peer conversation and collaboration, we encourage a campus culture of critically thinking scholars who engage with and support one another in their learning. We operate with an understanding that everyone has the ability to produce writing and speaking that adds value to the academic conversation.

Writing Associates serve as attentive readers who work with students to negotiate language differences and find ways to express themselves. We recognize that different situations call for varying forms of communication, and we’re committed to helping students adapt and respond consciously and effectively to any academic or professional situation.

We empower students to listen, think, write, and speak with intention, in an effort to foster creativity and encourage intellectual flexibility.

Core Values

  1. Writing and speaking are modes of thinking and knowledge production.
  2. Everyone is capable of contributing to the academic conversation in a meaningful way.
  3. We embrace language differences, and the interpersonal communication strategies that navigating these differences requires.
  4. Learning occurs best in dynamic, social, and embodied spaces, where knowledge production thrives on collective as well as individual effort.
  5. Our community of practice nurtures self-reflection and challenges assumptions.
  6. Active learning involves pursuing intellectual risk-taking in an encouraging low-stakes environment.