Sacred Spaces

Oberlin College is blessed with multiple sacred spaces. These include spaces specifically used for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist religious practices, and other pleasant places for prayer and contemplation, including Tappan Square and the Arboretum.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions by both Oberlin College and the state of Ohio, all spaces are temporarily closed and all events remote until further notice. Stay safe.

Available Spaces

Fairchild Chapel

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) coordinates the care and use of Fairchild Chapel, which is a multifaith house of worship used most often by Christian communities. Fairchild Chapel is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays for prayer and meditation and may also be scheduled through the ORSL for worship services, lifecycle rituals, and sacred music concerts. ORSL staff and affiliates are available to officiate at lifecycle rituals.

Talcott Hall

Talcott Hall is the home of the Kosher Halal Co-Op, an innovative program where Oberlin’s Jewish and Muslim communities cook and eat together according to religious and cultural dietary practices. In light of the pandemic, the Talcott kitchen has been made into a fully Kosher Campus Dining facility, to better meet the needs of Kosher-observant students in this challenging time.

Wilder Hall

  • The Prayer Room in Wilder Hall is the main prayer space for Oberlin's Muslim community. Communal prayer is held when Oberlin is in session. The room also is available for prayer and study whenever Wilder Hall is open.

  • This Meditation Room in Wilder Hall, Room 325 can be reserved at Wilder Desk by groups who wish to practice meditation. Communal meditation is held almost daily by the Oberlin Meditators (OM) group. Wilder Hall, Room 310 is also a meditation room that does not need to be reserved and is open whenever Wilder Hall is open.

To Reserve Space

To make a reservation, please fill out this online reservation form .