Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Campus Resources

Oberlin College is blessed with multiple sacred spaces. Contact the Multifaith Chaplaincy & Sustained Dialogue with questions about sacred spaces. 

Campus Resources

Fairchild Chapel

Fairchild Chapel is a multifaith house of worship used most often by Christian communities. Fairchild Chapel is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays for prayer and meditation and may also be scheduled for use by students online through the Event Management System (EMS) on OberView. 

Wilder Hall

  • The Interfaith Prayer Space in Wilder Hall can be reserved by any student or group wishing to pray or medidate. Visit Wilder 315A to make a reservation.
  • The Jewish Student Office in Wilder Hall is open and available to all Jewish students on campus to meet and share community in the company of others. 
  • The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is open for anyone to meet with the Director of ORSL, located within the International Student Lounge on the second floor of Wilder Hall. 

Bosworth Hall 

The main prayer space for Oberlin's Muslim community. Communal prayer is held when Oberlin is in session. 

Lewis House and Multifaith Center

Home of Multifaith Chaplaincy & Sustained Dialogue. The center provides program space for multifaith and tradition-specific religious, spiritual, ethical, educational and dialogue programming and services.

Hebrew Heritage House (Johnson House) 

Hebrew Heritage House (also known as J-House) is the program house of Oberlin’s Jewish Studies Department. A variety of religious and cultural events of interest to Jewish students and those who live in Hebrew House take place here.

Heritage Kosher Kitchen

Keeping in the tradition of Jewish laws, certified Kosher cuisine is available at Heritage. Weekly menus are available on the AVI website. Certified packaged Kosher food items and meals are also available for purchase at DeCaf√© in the basement of Wilder.

Halal Dining

As of February 2024, all chicken on campus with the exception of breaded chicken at the Rathskeller (both patties and tenders) is Halal. All ground beef at 4th meal at the Rathskeller is Halal. If anyone has questions about ingredients or Halal status in any dining hall, please direct questions to the manager on duty. Special meals are also provided to Muslim students throughout the month of Ramadan.

Oberlin Gospel Choir

The Oberlin Gospel Choir is led under the direction of jazz voice teacher La Tanya Hall. This group is open to all conservatory and college students with weekly rehearsals that lead to a performance.

The group studies and performs music that covers the diaspora of gospel music and represents everything from field songs passed on in the oral tradition from Africa, to modern gospel repertoire that incorporates elements of R&B, classical, neo-soul, jazz, and folk.