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Wilder Hall
The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life can be found on the third floor of Wilder Hall in room 327
Photo credit: William Bradford

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Statement of Human Dignity

We, the affiliated religious leadership and college chaplains and support staff, echo the sentiment from across the nation and across the world that Black Lives Matter, and mourn lives lost to injustice, rancor, and crisis. We recommit to our service of Oberlin students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our Oberlin neighbors and community. Though we are physically distant, we strive to be there for you.

In a time of great need for sustenance, we affirm our openness to all – devout, spiritual, agnostic, and areligious. We are here for you, to hear from you, and to share together.

Across religious and non-religious perspectives, spiritual and ethical commitments expressed through religious and spiritual life at Oberlin, we affirm the human dignity of all persons without exception. All are diminished by the suffering of one. We commit and re-commit ourselves to a life of sustained learning and concrete action.

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