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Student Organizations and Connections

Below are student organizations and connections that are currently active in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

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For students interested in the Oberlin Baha'i Community, please contact Amanda Schmidt ( for information.

Oberlin Buddhist Fellowship is a community dedicated to practicing and deepening in the Buddhist tradition and providing educational opportunities about Buddhism for the campus community.

The primary purpose of Chabad Jewish Student Group is to provide living Judaism to the students at Oberlin College within the framework of traditional Judaism and a family atmosphere. Chabad's programming includes educational, ritual, and social activities, in addition to counseling and spiritual guidance to individual students. Some of the programs that Chabad offers are: weekly classes, Creative Soul: The Jewish Arts Collective, lectures on various Jewish issues, and guest speakers for religious and cultural events. Chabad also provides Shabbat and Holiday services, Glatt (the highest Kosher standard) meals, Holiday programs, and Shabbatons (unique weekends). The Chabad Jewish Student Group is affiliated with over 400 other Chabad student groups at colleges and universities internationally, and twice a year participate in various programs and trips with other chapters. Chabad is based in Chassidic philosophy, as taught locally at the Chabad Jewish Center, directed by Rabbi Shlomo and Rebbetzin Devorah Elkan. Visit the website of the Chabad Jewish Center in Oberlin at .

Oberlin Christians Chinese Fellowship provides a window of discussion about Christianity in non-denominational, bilingual, and respectful ways to overseas Chinese. It creates a safe space for the Chinese-speaking student bodies, and introduces diverse Christian world-views, voices and activities to the Oberlin community. OCCF strives to link Chinese and Chinese Christians to the other Christian communities in Oberlin College and broader areas around the Great Lakes area and Canada. OCCF also intends continue the Oberlin's historical relationship between Christianity and China, and present this significance to its members.

Oberlin Christian Fellowship is a worshiping and praying community dedicated to knowing and sharing the love of God. We are a chapter member of an international Christian organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity, and culture and God's purposes in the world. OCF has weekly small group meetings and two large group meetings per month. OCF participates in the InterVarsity Urbana conference every three years. For more information, please visit OCF's website .

Oberlin Hillel strives to create a vibrant Jewish life for students on campus. Hillel is a student-centered pluralistic Jewish space that welcomes people of all movement and secular backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and all approaches to Israel, from Zionism to non-Zionism. Weekly meetings convene in the Wilder Student Union. The Cleveland Hillel Foundation provides the college with a Jewish campus rabbi who encourages and facilitates Jewish activities at Oberlin. Hillel also sponsors Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and other services. A community Seder takes place the first night of Passover. For more information, refer to Oberlin Hillel .

The Oberlin College Muslim Students Association provides religious, spiritual, and cultural opportunities for those who identify as Muslim. MSA’s membership is diverse in race, gender, practice, and Islamic interpretation, also comprised of men and women representing different parts of the Islamic diaspora: Black American, South Asian, Arab, African, and all. Our members have different attitudes and interpretations of Islam, and the organization is sensitive and respectful to this diversity; however, we are all united by our common faith. We perform prayers together as much as possible but always on Friday. The prayer room is always available for use during operational hours for those who want to perform other prayers of the day.

The Newman Catholic Community is a student organization dedicated to living a Catholic presence at Oberlin. Newman leadership meets weekly to plan programming, including Mass each Sunday, holiday celebrations, retreats (like the Busy Student Retreat), and other educational and community programs. Newman also plays an active role on peace and justice issues and strives to be a source of friendship, support, and mentoring primarily to Catholic students but always open to the wider Oberlin community. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland provides Oberlin College with staff who provides support to the Newman Catholic Community through leadership development, program planning and faith development support (including RCIA instruction for individuals considering conversion to Catholicism). For more information, please visit Oberlin Newman's Facebook page.

Voices for Christ is a student organization and Oberlin College's gospel choir. We sing Africana Christian/Gospel music. We meet weekly to rehearse for performances scheduled with neighboring community churches and for the Oberlin College community through our end of semester concerts. We function both as a choir and a spiritual resource for people looking for a particular Africana worship aesthetic. We meet once a week on Sundays in Bibbins Hall (the Oberlin Conservatory). We are open to and welcoming of people from various faith or non-faith backgrounds and appreciate a wide range of diverse members.

Oberlin Young Friends meet on Sundays for Silent Meetings at 9pm. Email Alice Jacob ( for more information. 

Below are a list of student religious and spiritual organizations that have been active in the past. ORSL can support students who are interested in reactivated previously active student groups. Fill out the form here for more infomation. 

  • Bhakti Yoga Society 

  • ChALLaH Capella

  • Credo Club

  • Ecumenical Christian Organization 

  • Humanist Collective

  • Liberated Unitarian Universalist Voices

  • Oberlin Meditators

  • Oberlin Orthodox Christian Fellowship

  • Queers and Allies of Faith

  • Oberlin Pagan Student Society

  • Oberlin Unity Fellowship