Related Courses


Christina Neilson
ARTS 340 Gender and the Visual Arts in Europe

Farshid Emami
ARTS 352 Coffeehouses and Teahouses: A Global History


Taylor Allen
BIOL 100 Organismal Biology

Cinema Studies

Josh Sperling
CINE 112 American Documentary


Chris Trinacty (Greek and Latin)
CLAS 112 Greek and Roman Drama in Translation

Ben Lee (Greek and Latin)
CLAS 209 Greek and Roman Novel

Comparative Literature

Jed Deppman (Irish and French)

  • CMPL 367 The French Joyce
  • CMPL 420 Advanced Theory Workshop

Stiliana Milkova (Italian)

  • CMPL 250 Introduction to Literary Translation: Theory, History, Practice
  • CMPL 305 The Global Phenomenon of Elena Ferrante

Amanda Al-Raba’a (Arabic language and culture)
CMPL 240 Gender, Power, and Desire in Middle Eastern and North African Literatures

East Asian Studies

Hsiu-Chuang Deppman (Chinese)
EAST 309 Chinese Popular Cinema and Public Intellectualism

Keren He (Chinese)
EAST 207 Knight, Outlaw, Assassin

Xin Zhang (Chinese)
EAST 221 The Learning of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Ann Sherif (Japanese)
EAST241 Living with the Bomb: A Comparative Study of Gender, Race and Nationalism in Japan and US


Anuradha Needham (English; African and South Asian cultures)

  • ENGL 265 Anglophone Postcolonial Literatures
  • ENGL 385 Women in/and “Bollywood”

Jennifer Bryan (English)

  • ENGL 140 Arthurian Fictions
  • ENGL 213 Desire and Literature


Matthew Senior (French)

  • FREN 380 Esclavage et libert√©
  • FREN 411 L’animal et l’homme

Adrianne Barbo (French)
FREN 378 Women Writing the Self in the Maghreb


Steven Huff (German)
GERM 311 Enlightenment to Classicism German

Hispanic Studies

Sebastiaan Faber (Spanish)

  • HISP 357 Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War: History, Fiction, Photography
  • HISP 357A Battles of Spanish Civil War


Zeinab Abul-Magd (Arabic language and culture)

  • HIST 299 Introduction to Historical Methods
  • HIST 240 Militarization of Global Politics, Economy & Society

Choudhury Rishad (Indian language and culture)

  • HIST 163 Modern South Asia
  • HIST 354 British Empire & Indian Ocean

Music History

Charles McGuire

  • MHST 255 Music of the Romantic Era
  • MHST 260 Desire and the Diva


Cindy Chapman (Hebrew language and culture)
RELG 203 The Garden of Eden in Literature, Art, and Film


Thomas (Tom) Newlin (Russian)
RUSS 222 Russian Foodways


Jaleh Jalili
SOCI 351 Protest, Resist, Change