Stephan Mayer Gives Invited Talk

March 12, 2020

Professor of Psychology Stephan Mayer gave an invited talk at the University of Akron on his book Transforming Psychological Worldviews to Confront Climate Change.

Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute Awarded EMA's 2020 Goldberg Award

March 10, 2020

The Early Music America 2020 Laurette Goldberg Award, for achievement in early music outreach, has been awarded to the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute (BPI). The summer institute's faculty is led by Artistic Director Kenneth Slowik and four Oberlin Conservatory faculty members who make up the Oberlin Baroque Ensemble—Mark Edwards, Michael Lynn, Marilyn McDonald, Catharina Meints. 

Oberlin's BPI was created in 1972 by former Oberlin Conservatory oboe professor James Caldwell in order to bring famous Swiss musician, August Wenzinger, to the United States to perform, teach, and conduct. Catharina Meints, who was closely involved with the beginnings of BPI, continues to be the senior faculty member 48 years later.

On behalf of the faculty and participants of BPI, Catharine Meints said: “I can say that we are delighted to receive recognition from EMA for our work over the last 49 years. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are honored to be presented the Goldberg Award.”

Kristina Mani Interviewed about Gender Equality

March 9, 2020

Associate Professor of Politics Kristina Mani was one of seven women scholars interviewed in a piece about gender equality in the field of International Relations.

Christie Parris Gives Invited Talk

March 6, 2020

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris gave an invited talk on February 27, 2020, at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Preconference on Sustainability. The talk outlined her ongoing research regarding environmental concerns among U.S. residents who identify as Black and/or African American.

Barbara Craig Participates in Panel Discussion

March 5, 2020

Economics Professor Barbara Craig was invited to participate at the Women in Economics Symposium at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland on February 27, 2020. Professor Craig was part of the panel, "The Road to a PhD" with Margaret Jacobson '11 and others.

Jason Stalnaker Coauthors Publication

February 28, 2020

Associate Professor of Physics Jason Stalnaker coauthored a publication that appeared in the journal Physics of the Dark Universe. The paper describes an analysis method for detecting dark matter using a network of optical magnetometers. Oberlin student P. Claire Segura ’20 is also a coauthor on the paper.

Ruth McDowell Publishes

February 26, 2020

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Ruth McDowell published an article in the American Journal of Physiology on her research at the Cleveland Clinic.

Clayton Koppes Presents Two Papers

February 25, 2020

Clayton Koppes, professor of history, presented a paper "I Feel Your Pain: Bill Clinton, AIDS, and the Politics of Disappointment" at the American Historical Association annual meeting in New York City on Jan. 3, 2020. His co-author and co-presenter was David L. Kelly, an independent scholar from Palm Springs, California.

They will present another paper, "The Plague and the Presidents: Reagan, Bush, Clinton and AIDS Avoidance" at the Organization of American Historians annual meeting in Washington, D.C., on April 3.