Ann Sherif Organizes Digital Exhibit

August 5, 2020

Professor of Japanese Ann Sherif organized the digital exhibit “Popular Protest in Postwar Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō” in collaboration with Maxwell Mitchell ’20 and Oberlin College Libraries staff Megan Mitchell and Cecilia Robinson.  The exhibit situates the art of Hiroshima native Shikoku Gorō in the context of antiwar, antinuclear, and social justice movements from 1945 to 2020. Structured around three books (Atom Bomb Poems, The Angry Jizo, and Hiroshima Sketches), the site guides visitors through the diverse art that Shikoku, in collaboration with grassroots networks of artists and writers, created to promote social justice. It includes guerilla art protesting the Korean War, poems against the nuclear arms race, a children’s book about war, cityscapes critiquing Hiroshima’s wartime past, and recent performing arts that trace this activist history. “Popular Protest” was supported by a Mellon Foundation Digital Humanities grant. It is suitable for general audiences and for courses in history, Asian studies, art, politics, and peace studies.

Robert Bosch Coedits Conference Proceedings

August 4, 2020

Professor of Mathematics Robert Bosch ‘85 coedited the Proceedings of the Bridges 2020 Conference, which was supposed to be held in Helsinki, Finland, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic took place virtually. The proceedings included a paper by Bosch and Aaron Kreiner ‘19 on "Domino Steganography" and a paper by Kreiner on "Checkerboard Quadrilateral Mosaics." 

Evan Kresch Presents Papers

July 30, 2020

Assistant Professor of Economics Evan Kresch presented a paper, "Another Seat at the Table: Municipal Council Size and Local Taxes in Brazil," on July 23 at the Virtual LAC Development Seminar .

Professor Kresch also presented "The Story of a Hurricane: Local Government, NGOs, and Post-Disaster Assistance" on July 28 at the 2020 Bolivian Conference on Development Economics.

Yumi Ijiri and Students Participate in Conference

July 30, 2020

Professor of Physics Yumi Ijiri and her summer research students, Emily Everhart '22 and Aidan Khelil '22, recently participated in the virtual American Conference on Neutron Scattering, contributing a presentation titled, "Probing intraparticle and interparticle magnetic structures in chemically homogeneous manganese ferrite nanoparticle assemblies."

Ana María Díaz Burgos Gives Talk and Reviews Publication

July 29, 2020

Ana María Díaz Burgos, assistant professor of Hispanic Studies, gave a virtual public talk on the Inquisition in Cartagena de Indias as part of the Clases Abiertas Series (translated to "Open Classes") at the Universidad de los Andes, located in Colombia. She also reviewed the publication “No se hace pueblo sin ellas:” Mujeres españolas en el virreinato del Perú: Emigración y movilidad social (siglos XVI–XVII) by Amelia Almorza Hidalgo for Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

Amanda Schmidt Writes Op-Ed

July 27, 2020

Associate Professor of Geology Amanda Schmidt wrote an op-ed about the executive order to end the Fulbright program in Hong Kong and China for 

Allen Memorial Art Museum Publication Featured

July 26, 2020

The Allen Memorial Art Museum's publication Eva Hesse: Oberlin Drawings, was reviewed in the London Review of Books. Andria Derstine, John G. W. Cowles Director, wrote a foreword for the book, and Andrea Gyorody, Ellen Johnson '33 Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, contributed an essay.