Faculty and Staff Notes

Greggor Mattson publishes research on alcohol and culture with three alumni

July 15, 2021

Associate Professor of Sociology Greggor Mattson recently published an article of research designed and executed by three undergraduates in his Alcohol and Culture senior seminar.

Alexandra Hamada '13, Han Guel Jung '14 , and Karl Orozco '13 conducted interviews and focus groups with Asian and Asian American students about the alcohol flush reaction (AFR). AFR describes the symptoms experienced people with a variant allele for processing alcohol in the body, resulting in symptoms ranging from blushing of the face, neck and chest; to nausea, dizziness, headache, and vomiting. The students found that Asian students had strong meanings attached to the trait, while white students didn't notice it—even when they themselves possessed it. These findings challenged existing research on AFR and revealed deeper insights about anticipated stigma and self racialization.

Sebastiaan Faber coauthors piece for The Nation; is featured in new podcast series

July 14, 2021

Professor of Hispanic Studies Sebastiaan Faber has coauthored a piece in The Nation magazine on the Spanish government's decision to pardon nine Catalan leaders who were sent to prison for their involvement in a referendum for independence. Faber, whose new book Exhuming Franco (Vanderbilt University Press) came out in April, is also featured in Noiser's new podcast series Real Dictators, narrated by Paul McGann.

Sonia Kruks presents paper on Simone de Beauvoir

July 13, 2021

Sonia Kruks, Robert S. Danforth Professor of Politics Emerita, recently presented a paper at the (virtual) international conference, “Simone de Beauvoir: New Perspectives for the 21st Century.” Her paper, titled “Old Age and Intersectionality: Beauvoir and Beyond,” drew on Beauvoir’s work to reflect on the troubling exclusion of old age from consideration in intersectional social and political theory.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History spotlights Julia Christensen in Centennial Speaker Series

July 12, 2021

The Cleveland Museum of Naturaly History has tapped Associate Professor of Integrated Media Julia Christensen to lead an event in its new Centennial Speaker Series, part of the museum's 100-year anniversary celebration. 

“The topics and themes that we’re addressing in the Centennial Speaker Series are fundamental,” notes Allison Grazia, the museum’s manager of public engagement. “It’s health, space, nature, human history, race—things that are part of our everyday lived experiences.”

In February 2022, Christensen will discuss her collaboration with scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop a technology that will send data about the natural world into space in the form of song, with the hope of eventually connecting with extraterrestrial life. The project, which sits at the intersection of science and art, is poised to take space exploration to another level.

Vladimir Ivantsov chairs North American Dostoevsky Society essay contest

July 8, 2021

Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian Vladimir Ivantsov has organized and chaired the 2020-21 North American Dostoevsky Society Undergraduate Student Essay Contest. The Contest is designed to recognize outstanding undergraduate essays focused on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky. More on this can be found on the official blog of the North American Dostoevsky Society.

Abby Aresty presents on course with Rachel Gibson '20 at conference

June 29, 2021

TIMARA Technical Director and Lecturer Abby Aresty and Rachel Gibson '20 presented their course, "Crafting Sound: Simple Sonic Interfaces for Education and Creation," at the international virtual Interaction Design and Children ACM conference. Gibson, Aresty, and Ian Moo '21 also presented their works-in-progress paper, "Apples and Oranges: Comparing Crafty Sonic Circuits for Electronics Education," at IDC.