Andrew Macomber

  • Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions

Areas of Study


  • PhD, Columbia University, 2019
  • MPhil, Columbia University, 2014
  • MA, Columbia University, 2013
  • BA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2010


In his research, Andrew Macomber explores the intersections of the body, religion, and medicine in East Asia in premodern periods. His current project examines ritual healing in medieval Japan in the 12th through 16th centuries, focusing on the Buddhist transformation of Chinese medical technologies.

With the support of grants from the Japan Foundation, the Japanese government, and the Takeda Science Foundation, he conducted three years of archival research in Japan. He was affiliated with the Research Center for Cultural Heritage and Texts at Nagoya University and the Kyōu Shooku library in Osaka.

He is coeditor of Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan, (in press, University of Hawai'i Press) with C. Pierce Salguero.


Andrew Macomber publishes book on Buddhist healing

September 18, 2020

Andrew Macomber published a book, Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan, with co-editor C. Pierce Salguero (University of Hawai'i Press, August 2020). He also contributes a chapter to the volume, "Ritualizing Moxibustion in the Early Medieval Tendai-Jimon Lineage," which examines how Buddhists sought to treat "corpse-vector disease," a mysterious illness that began afflicting aristocrats and emperors in the late twelfth century, through a combination of ritual therapeutics and Chinese medicine.