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On using social media for social justice

Patrick Yaeger ’95
“I wanted to bridge the gap between the fledgling post Prop 8 equality activists and the educational empowering quality media that I knew was out there.”

On living on SciFi Hall

Julie Lopresto ’12
“...when I step out my door, there will be a friendly face around the corner. I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had there, and have found what I’m proud to call my home at Oberlin.”

On embracing independence

Dagmawi Gebreselasse ’14
“Since coming to Oberlin, I have been fully responsible for my life and making important life decisions...I have started listening to myself and following my own path.”

On ObieGame

Aaron Mucciolo ’02
“Five years ago two Obies created a game. Showing great wit, they named it ObieGame. Beyond this, facts are amorphous at best.”

On civic engagement

Rachel Benson ’08
“Fast forward four years, many hours of community service, a lot of growing up, and one Oberlin degree later, and I found myself back in a place where I sought solace and found empowerment - through...

On tutoring at Head Start

Leah Awkward-Rich ’17
“I witnessed the kids I spent several hours a week with mature emotionally and personally, and I was given the opportunity to participate as they learned brand new concepts.”

On her first home volleyball game at Oberlin

Elizabeth Wong ’12
“It had been my dream to play college volleyball since I can remember and as I stood star struck looking up at the flag, I could not help but smile and realize that I had done it. I was living the...

On the Oberlin College Dialogue Center

Amanda Medress ’09
“We handle conflict through a social justice lens, which means acknowledging that differences in power and privilege inherently affect human interaction.”

On the power of Harry Potter

Rosie Hertzman ’15
“In a society that looks down on childlike excitement over anything, OHPA taught me that it’s okay to be unapologetically enthusiastic about popular culture and that passion, no matter what form it...

On becoming a Latin major

Maggie Killman ’13
“I realized how passionate everyone around me was about the exact same things ... they all shared the exact same joy I felt from studying such an obscure but wonderful language and culture.”

On the genesis of a company

George Saines ’08
“[My roommate] had a crazy idea: working for yourself and starting a company is way more creative and fulfilling than working at a preexisting company, and here we are six months after graduation [...

On finding a personal space

Arianna Gil ’16
“Establishing meaningful relationships with supportive professors through hard work and dedication is the most important thing you can do as a new student.”