We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.
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On touring with his sextet

Terence Hsieh ’12
“Friendship is the bottom-most rung on the ladder of music: the best jam sessions, the best solos, and the best memories are shared on stage with people who can lose themselves in each other.”

On becoming an editor in chief

Nina Paroff ’12
“I’m focusing on what The Grape could be in the future. I love The Grape for what it’s worth. I love the stinky office, the stinky staff, and the paper itself, typos and all.”

On having a show on WOBC

Joshua Davidson ’12
“In my years of DJing, the station always felt like a tight ship, full of equally obsessive folks seeking out just the right record and wanting to share that ecstatic moment with the greater...

On volunteering in post-Katrina New Orleans

Colin Jones ’08
“The values of service, hard work, and solidarity in the pursuit of justice that were instilled by Oberlin pushed us forward.”

On starting an agency to help inner city Milwaukee residents eat fresh, local food

Young Kim ’85
“Oberlin gave me the balanced education and multi-disciplinary vision that makes this work possible...I learned to be confident, curious, tenacious, generous, and inclusive.”

On unexpected connections

Prof. Ellis Tallman
“When I walked past the Conservatory, I felt an odd sense of the World Trade Center. I mentioned it to a professor, who responded,“ Well of course, Ellis. Both the Con and the World Trade Center were...

On singing with the Obertones

Kevin Hu ’11
“But as I would realize, this love was a postulate of the Obertones; something so obvious it needed no proof through audible declaration. Everyone in the Obertones loves to sing.”

On a change in perspective

Dessane Cassell ’14
“The distinction between my vantage point and that of the students had yielded entirely different interpretations of the work without us even realizing it.”

On her new rug-importing venture, Kantara Crafts

Alia Kate ’08
“I have just returned from Morocco with my first batch of rugs and the excitement is palpable; what started with my desire to make a difference on a local level two years ago has now turned into a...

On a full-fledged learning experience

Reid Palmer ’14
“No matter our individual passions, Oberlin provides us the opportunity to do what we love while connecting us with peers and professors that broaden our perspectives and help us make connections.”

On SEED house

Lucas Brown ’09
“Oberlin’s support network made our successes possible. SEED demanded skills like composting, caulking, persuading, public speaking, and econometric analysis, and for each skill we required, we found...

On joining the Great Lakes Research family

Evan Tincknell ’14
“It’s incredible to be engaging with people from whom I am constantly learning, and to be taking academic courses that seem so relevant to my work and the world in general.”