We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.
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On discovering the Filipin@ community

Joelle Lingat ’15
“FASA made me embrace my endless need to be different. We’re all just a group of kids trying to figure out how we each can be extraordinary in this very complex world.”

On teaching experimental typography

Christopher Gollmar ’10
“It’s esoteric, I guess, this interest of mine, but Oberlin is the kind of place where esoteric interests tend to flourish.”

On the ethos of Obies

Wendell Russell, Jr. ’71
“My Oberlin was very much a time and place of social ferment and activism, and while the issues may be different today, I know that Oberlin students will always be deeply involved in cutting edge...

On unexpected birthday surprises

Phoebe Hammer ’14
“In that chord, I felt the warmth of belonging—my voice lost in the blend of others around me.”

On falling in love with political theory

Karin Drucker ’11
“I dorked out shamelessly to my uninterested friends about the authors and topics that grabbed me, but I also found others who were as curious as I.”

On friendship

David Fegley ’13
“Rather than watch Melanie’s cold slowly progress, we, her loyal third-floor Barrows friends, decided to take action. We needed a holiday, a new holiday, to celebrate all things Melanie.”

On a fateful spring break

Adina Langer ’06
“In the spring of 2004, I embarked on my first ever camping trip with two of my best friends from Oberlin ... I didn’t know yet, but on that trip, I’d caught a permanent case of the research bug. I...

On working with the America Reads program

Raquel Farah-Robison ’11
“Witnessing both of my students’ growth and finding creative ways to nourish their newly found enthusiasm gave me a deep sense of fulfillment.”

On support networks

Leo Harrington ’16
“The people here have copious and astoundingly diverse passions of their own but will also go to incredible lengths to help you pursue yours, in all likelihood because someone did the same for them.”

On the last field hockey game of the season

Emily Whitaker ’12
“All at once, the reality of my situation hit me hard. In one hundred and eighty seconds my first varsity field hockey season would be over, and I found myself unprepared...I had never felt more part...

On learning tango

Amy Hess ’12
“Nothing is as awkward as the first class of Argentine tango. Take two very nervous strangers, both aware of their mutual ignorance of dancing, make them stand chest-to-chest and hold each other, and...

On being a member of the Sunshine Scouts

Sam Skove ’12
“I felt I was part of a kinetic community, rather than a hermetically sealed club. They did improv because they liked using their imaginations.”