Flags from many different cultures hang alongside Main St. and Tappan Square. Photo credit: Walter Novak

International Studies

Program Type:
  • Concentration

Grounded in the social sciences, our International Studies Concentration prepares students for careers and pursuits that span national boundaries. This concentration can complement many academic programs, building students’ capacities to apply their major’s disciplinary knowledge to the challenges of the globalized world.

Program Director

Zeinab Abul-Magd

Associate Professor of History

Sample Courses

  • POLT 120 - Introduction to International Politics 4 credits
  • EAST 163 - Korea: Past, Present and Future 4 credits
  • ECON 227 - International Trade and Finance 4 credits
  • AAST 337 - African Capitalists and African Development: Seminar 4 credits

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