professor sitting at table along with four other students
Program Director and Associate Professor of Africana studies Darko Opoku teaches African Politics through the First-Year Seminar Program. Photo credit: Matthew Lester
Program Overview

Africana Studies

Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Africana Studies

The major in Africana studies prepares students to become adept critical thinkers, presenters, and researchers, as well as valuable global citizens. Because Africana studies is a multidisciplinary degree program, we offer courses to students of any major—knowledge to expand your worldview and deepen understanding of people of African ancestry.

Why Study Africana Studies at Oberlin?

Associated Faculty
Variety of Courses
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Sample Courses

  • AAST 101 - Introduction to Africana Studies 4 credits
  • AAST 190 - West African Dance Forms in the Diaspora I: Survey 4 credits
  • AAST 268 - Black Arts Workshop 4 credits
  • AAST 357 - Empire and Resistance in the Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Grenada, & Trinidad) 4 credits

Africana Studies Faculty

The multidisciplinary Africana Studies Program draws its chair, faculty, and affiliate faculty from throughout the college, who are committed to teaching wide-ranging subjects concerning the African and black experience. Subject specialties include African history, African diaspora, Africana philosophy, film, art, politics, and black feminist theories.

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Africana Studies News

A girl draws with chalk on a sidewalk.

This Week in Photos: Creativity and Strength

November 13, 2020
Inspirational words and chalk drawn images on the sidewalks of Wilder Bowl greeted those passing by this past week. This chalk walk exercise resulted in several standout images featured in this week’s photo series.