Emeritus Professor of Africana studies Booker Peek talks with a student about current events. Photo credit: John Seyfried

Africana Studies

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  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Africana studies prepares students, not only as adept critical thinkers, presenters, and researchers, but also as valuable global citizens. Because Africana studies is a multidisciplinary department, we offer courses to students of any major—knowledge to expand your worldview and deepen understanding of people of African ancestry.

Program Director

Pamela (Pam) Brooks

Jane and Eric Nord Associate Professor of Africana Studies
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David Divins

Administrative Assistant 440-775-8923

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Sample Courses

  • AAST 101 - Introduction to the Black Experience 4 credits
  • AAST 245 - The Harlem Renaissance 4 credits
  • AAST 346 - Contemporary African American Literature: 1960-Present 4 credits
  • AAST 347 - Culture, History, and Identity: Caribbean Literature and the Politics of Survival 4 credits

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Q&A with “What is Sanctuary?” Panelists

February 8, 2018
The concept of sanctuary is often part of today’s discussions about immigration, but the idea of providing sanctuary has ancient roots. Learn about the different meanings and practices during “What is Sanctuary?” on Tuesday, February 13.

Louise Edwards '16 Receives Shansi Fellowship

May 16, 2016
Louise Edwards ’16 says her Shansi fellowship at Shanxi Agricultural University in Taigu, China, is an opportunity to learn more about her biracial identity by engaging in cross-cultural learning.