• Danforth-Lewis Professor of Economics


John V. Duca will join Oberlin in the spring of 2018 to teach advanced macroeconomics, money & banking, and intermediate macroeconomics.  From 1991 to 2017, he worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, where he last served as the Associate Director of Research and Vice President, supervising research in macroeconomics and finance; and from1986 to 1991, he was at the Federal Reserve Board where he briefed former Chairman Paul Volcker, former Chairman Alan Greenspan, and the Federal Reserve Board.  

John Duca has taught part-time at Southern Methodist University and the University of Maryland. John has published over 40 articles on macroeconomics, money, housing, credit, wages, and political economy in refereed journals such as the American Economic Review, International Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Money, Credit, & Banking, Journal of Urban Economics, and Journal of Banking and Finance.  

He graduated summa cum laude (Phi Beta Kappa) from Yale with a B.A., and received a Ph.D. from Princeton.  Professor Duca looks forward to actively engaging with students in the classroom, economics majors committees and clubs, and other campus activities to help prepare them for their careers and enrich their lives.  

In his spare time, Professor Duca enjoys gardening and fishing, and is a fan of history and cinema.