Department of Human Resources

Enrollment in Insurance Plans

To continue coverage in the Oberlin College Health Insurance Plan, the retiree must enroll in the plan upon retirement.

An enrollment form will be included in your Retirement Packet which will be prepared for you after the Department of Human Resources receives your written retirement notice.

To continue coverage in vision and or dental plans, indicate your choice on the appropriate form in your Retirement Packet.

Retirement Packet

Once Human Resources receives your written retirement notice, a packet of information will be prepared for you. The packet includes:

  1. A checklist of items to complete prior to retirement, including an option to continue vision and or dental coverage
  2. Health Insurance Enrollment Form
  3. Optional Life insurance, AD&D and or Long Term Coverage application forms, if eligible
  4. Basic Life insurance beneficiary card. (Upon retirement, the college pays premiums for a basic term life insurance policy in the amount of $5,000. The plan pays the amount of $5,000 to your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries upon your death.)
  5. TIAA-CREF brochure
  6. Exit questionnaire
  7. Address Release Card

Open Enrollment

Each year during the Open Enrollment period in October, you may change/cancel your coverage. The change will go into effect on January 1, the following year. If you do not need to make any changes to your coverage, you would not need to complete enrollment forms during Open Enrollment. Additional information with respect to plan changes, if any, together with other information will be mailed to each retiree during Open Enrollment.