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Prescription Drug Coverage

CVS Caremark is the nation’s second largest pharmacy benefits manager serving more than 2,000 healthcare plan sponsors. CVS Caremark manages employer-sponsored prescription benefits just like a health insurance company manages your medical benefits.

If you enroll in a medical plan, your ID card from Medical Mutual will include your CVS Caremark prescription benefits.

You may use CVS Caremark’s convenient home delivery option or their 90-day retail pharmacies for your maintenance medication needs.


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CVS Caremark’s national network includes more than 68,000 pharmacies including retail chains such as Costco, CVS, Discount Drug Mart, Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Walgreen’s.

Plan participants are not required to manage their prescription benefits at a CVS pharmacy.  

How to find a network pharmacy.

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Each year the drug list is reviewed and updated to ensure you have access to safe, clinically effective and low-cost medications. 

Formulary changes happen from time to time when drugs are: recalled from the market; replaced by a new generic drug; or, clinical restrictions are added, including, but not limited to, prior authorization, quantity limits or step therapy.


Do you want to see the cost of your prescription under the CDHP plan before you meet your deductible, and price lower cost options?

The Drug Price Comparison Tool links below are available. The default pharmacy will be CVS. There is an option for you to change the pharmacy. If the prescription is a maintenance medication, it will show the 90 day option. 

  • PRE - Deductible - To estimate the cost under the CDHP plan before you meet your deductible.
  • POST- Deductible - To estimate the cost under the CDHP plan before after you have met your deductible. helps you get your medications where you need them, when you need them for the best value.

- Transfer a prescription from pharmacy pickup to delivery by mail Click “Transfer Prescriptions” in the Prescriptions menu at to move your 30- or 90-day prescription from CVS Pharmacy® or any other local pharmacy to CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy and get 90-day supplies delivered by mail to your home, office or anywhere you like

- Transfer a prescription from any retail pharmacy to Caremark Mail Select “Request a New Prescription” from the Prescriptions menu and choose your preferred CVS Pharmacy location or call the number on your prescription ID card.


Beginning, 1/1/24 Caremark Cost Saver, a new enhancement to lower out-of-pocket drug costs for members will be available. Cost Saver provides automatic access to GoodRx's prescription pricing that allows lower prices, when available, on generic medications. When you visit the pharmacy to collect a prescription, you only need to present your ID card to your preferred in-network pharmacy. The amount paid will automatically be applied to the deductible and out-of-pocket thresholds. No action is required by you.

Prior to 1/1/2024, you will need to go through the Third Party Credit Process in order to get credit towards your deductible, and out-of-pocket costs.