Office of Residential Education

Summer Waitlist

The Summer Waitlist will become available after fall 2021 housing assignments are sent out to all students. The waitlist is maintained based on semesters in residence, order of the waitlist, and available housing.

  • While you may request preferred roommates, each individual from your group must also sign up on the waitlist to show that they are interested in potentially being reassigned as well. Individuals may not sign up a group under one person's entry alone.
  • If you are on the waitlist, you will automatically be relocated if the type of housing you want becomes available. It is not possible for us to contact you prior to changing your assignment due to the nature of expediency required to house first-year students.
  • If you are relocated based on your summer waitlist preference, you will receive notification of your new assignment and will be asked to confirm your new assignment and accept the Housing and Dining Agreement.
  • The summer waitlist expires the day before classes start.
  • To get on the summer waitlist, please complete the form.
  • To get on the OSCA waitlist, please complete the application on the OSCA website.
  • Students who wish to get on the waitlist for a particular Program House, must also complete the application.